Why I Created This website

I developed this website to enable me to remember Spanish words and phrases as easily and as quickly as possible.

The website is designed to help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge of the language. Even if you have completed an entire course like Babbel, Duolingo or Rosetta Stone, you just won’t have enough detailed vocabulary to get along in Spanish.

For example, you might know that coche is Spanish for car. But what about the steering wheel, tyres, windshield, headlights, licence plate etc.?

I remember watching a soccer game at a bar one evening in Spain and barely understanding anything other than gol (goal) or penalti (penalty).

So when the commentator mentioned portería, línea de meta and delantero (goalkeeper, goal line and forward) - I was lost.

Image Maps

Image Map of a Car
An image map module for learning automobile vocabulary.

I came up with the idea of using images and mapping out the vocabulary in Spanish. These became the image maps you will see on this site. 

They consist of a large image that has dozens of words associated with it - like a photo of a car for example.

Just click on one of the question mark icons on the image that you think is the correct answer. Once you choose the correct option, the module will move on to the next question automatically.

To hear the audio again, click on the sound icon next to the Spanish word. I have used Spanish speakers from around the world so that you can listen to different accents for variation.

The larger landscape format image maps are best viewed on tablets (iPads), laptops and desktop computers. I will develop mobile phone versions of these at a later date. 

If you view them on a cell phone, then rotate the phone to view in landscape mode for the best experience.

The image maps usually contain 24 words/phrases to learn and have a summary with Spanish audio on the opening view. You can review the words before you start or just click the Begin button to go straight into the module.

Multi Quizzes

Multiquiz about animals
A multiquiz module.

These are multiple choice spaced repetition modules. You usually learn 12 words in each module. Each word is quizzed in different formats:

  • Binary image choice
  • Audio question with 4 image options
  • Multiple choice text question with single image
  • Moving image options (gifs)
  • Audio and text combined questions

The same word can be encountered 5 times inside some modules. This helps you memorize it quickly.

Multi Quizzes work well on any device from phones up to desktops.

The Learning Stages

The ultimate goal is twofold: 

  1. To be able to hear or read a Spanish word and instantly know what it means.
  2. To be able to translate an English word into Spanish without conscious effort.

How You Remember Words

I must stress the following: Don't try too hard! Just play with the modules and let them work their magic. The process is quite simple.

Let's take the Spanish word mariposa (butterfly). When you first hear it, you won't know what it means. Just guess.

After a couple of attempts, when you hear or read mariposa, you'll remember that it means butterfly.

Later in the day, if somebody were to ask you, "What does mariposa mean?", you would probably remember that it means butterfly. However, if somebody asked you, "What's the Spanish for butterfly?" you might NOT remember!

This is quite natural because you usually learn to translate from Spanish to English first, rather than from English to Spanish. Go back to the module a day or two later and just play with it in a relaxed manner.

Due to the spaced repetition and image-based questions, your brain will just soak up new words without too much effort.

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