What are the employment opportunities after learning Spanish? 10 Career Opportunities For Spanish Speakers

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Want to know the secret to landing a job that pays six figures? Learning Spanish. The employment opportunities after learning Spanish are vast. Did you know that being bilingual makes you more attractive to employers? Or that knowing Spanish can make you stand out in a highly competitive job market? If you’re thinking about learning … Read more

Is it easy for a Romanian speaker to understand Spanish? 8 Points To Consider

These two languages are very close—so much so that a Romanian speaker can probably understand a bit of Spanish pretty easily. The biggest difference is that Romanian is a Romance language, while Spanish is an Ibero-Romance language (a subset of Romance). Romanian is also heavily influenced by Slavic languages like Bulgarian and Macedonian. The similarity … Read more

Why do Filipino languages have several Spanish words?

Filipino languages have several Spanish words because of Spanish colonialism in the Philippines from 1521 to 1898. Spanish missionaries brought Catholicism and the Spanish language to the Philippines. As a result, most Filipinos speak a variety of languages that have been heavily influenced by Spanish. The Spanish colonial period was 333 years, from 1565 to … Read more